Alaska's Glacier Bay Travel Bookings Policy Statement

When Alaska's Glacier Bay Travel is making arrangements with vendors on your behalf we require:

1. To Secure Reservation; please provide requested dates, full names, ages, and addresses of all in your group:

2. A deposit (amount varies by vendor). Full payment is best sign of faith.

3. Final payments in hand sixty (60) days prior to arrival.  (time may vary vendor to vendor)

4. Reservations are not considered firm unless full payment is received or as per our request to secure  reservations.

    a.  All reservations made less than sixty (60) days before departure requires full payment to AGBT, to secure reservations. Only credit cards, travelers check or cashiers' check are accepted for late bookings.

5. Final travel documents will be sent thirty (30) days before you depart and final payment is received or will be available upon arrival (commencement) of your activities.

6. Alterations, ninety (90) days or more, prior to secured reservation (date specific) by (travelers or travel agents) with final payment received, will be charged $75.00 U.S. dollars per person to affect changes (date specific alteration).  For alterations, ninety (90) days or less cancellation fees will apply.  No fees will be charged to add to an existing reservation.

7. Cancellation/alteration charges will be:

    a: Ninety (90) days or more prior to originating departure date, $75.00 U.S. dollars per person administrative fee will be charged.

    b: Ninety (90) days to sixty (60) days the fee will be 25% of the applicable package value in U. S. dollars.

    c. Fifty-nine (59) days to forty-five (45) days the fee will be 50% of the applicable package value in U.S. dollars.

    d. Forty-four (44) to fifteen (15) days or no show (non arrival) the fee is 100% of the applicable package value in U.S. dollars.

8. Please consult your insurance company for "trip insurance". It may not be necessary but may prevent losses do to unforeseen problems on your trip. Alaska's Glacier Bay Travel does, at your request,  provide trip insurance. You may visit this site to determine your your travel assurance needs: or let us know.

9. Alaska's Glacier Bay Travel, acting as your agent for carriers, lodging facilities, charters, and tours cannot be held responsible for changes made by carriers, lodging facilities, charters and tour companies. Alaska's Glacier Bay Travel does not assume any responsibility nor shall we be libel for any loss, cancellation, costs, delays, irregularity, accident, injury, or damage to person or property, or damage, loss or theft of baggage and personal effects arising from or in connection with such service.

10. All vendors reserve the right to cancel, modify, or alter any itinerary, made by them as conditions require.  Any modification to confirmed reservations will reflect the differential in cost of services rendered.
(Not to include changes which will  not affect the existing scheduled reservation.)  If  substitutes are unavailable the amount paid for accommodations will be refunded.  Alaska's Glacier Bay Travel is not responsible for costs incurred due to weather delays or cancellations.

11.   Alaska's Glacier Bay Travel is committed to providing you the quality services you need.  We also must work within vendor guidelines to insure compliance with vendors policy.

Alaska's Glacier Bay Travel, Copyright 1998 - 2007

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